Discovering your personal drawing style is a fun and fascinating part of learning to draw. Having a unique style is truly fulfilling. Many people love art but have difficulty expressing their creativity through art. If you are one of these people, don’t worry. Discovering your personal drawing style will help you learn to draw and is one of the best things you can do as an aspiring artist. Here are a few tips to find your personal drawing style.

  • Have Knowledge of The Basics.

All artists develop their own individual styles, but there are some basics that can be applied to art in general. Learning the basics will help artists develop an expressive, personal drawing style. A style that tells a unique story. Everyone has their own style of drawing based on their own characteristics and skills. Some prefer realism, others prefer abstract, and still, others prefer a combination of both. In order to pinpoint your personal drawing style, you need to understand the three types of drawing styles. Realistic drawing styles are usually drawn using light strokes and details, while abstract drawing styles are usually drawn with bold strokes and bold details. Contemporary drawing styles are a combination of the two, with both realistic and abstract elements.

  • Research And Examples Are Essential. 

When learning how to draw, two main approaches are practicing drawing on your own or taking a class. Some people prefer to learn by practicing on their own, while others prefer to learn from a teacher or tutor. But whatever your approach, especially in the beginning, you’ll benefit from research. You’ll also want to understand what different styles are and which one suits you best.

  • Look Into Famous Illustrators. 

Many people often get intimidated by drawing, and even if you think you’re not an artist, you can still find your own drawing style. Look into famous illustrators for inspiration and follow their style. You can also look to other artists for inspiration and even look at your own creative side, often which will show you your style.

  • Buy Art Books or Graphic Novels. 

One of the nice things about art books is that they usually include several examples that illustrate the “rules” of drawing. In magazines, though, it’s tricky to find a good illustration. Artists often show only one technique or use a “doodle” (a loose, unfinished drawing) as an example of their style.

  • Visiting Art Museums and Galleries. 

To learn about your personal drawing style, give yourself free rein to visit art museums and galleries since these environments tend to bring out a wide range of personal responses. You can go to a museum or gallery that appeals to your aesthetic preferences. Visit a contemporary art museum or gallery, for example, and you may discover a new fondness for abstract art. Visit a traditional art museum or gallery, and you may see a renewed interest in traditional art.

The best way to get to know your personality is to explore your artistic side. While most people associate art with a finished product, the act of creating art offers more insight into the artist’s personality than the final product. That’s because the time you spend creating art mirrors the hours you spend thinking about your life and your personality and how those thoughts are reflected in your work. 

If you want to learn how to draw well, the first step to learning how to draw well is to determine what your personal drawing style is. Knowing your personal drawing style will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a draftsman, as well as understand what types of subjects and themes you are drawn to.