Everyone has their preferred art medium, but many choose to draw, paint, or sculpt. Although these art forms all vary, they share similarities that can make learning them easier. Learning new art techniques is easier when using art mediums that are similar in function. Most art mediums, whether for drawing, painting, or sculpting, come in various colors, textures, and forms. Your starting tools, such as pencils, watercolors, and charcoal, can also be similar. You may find some similar functions, like oil pastels, wax crayons, and pastels.

Many artworks are created by painting, drawing, painting, and sculpting, but have you ever considered creating art in another way? Using mediums other than paint or pencil can make your artwork more interesting, authentic, and relatable to other viewers.

Drawing on Paper

Drawing is a wonderful way to experiment with colors, forms, lines, and textures. Take black and white, for example. Black represents the absence of light, while white represents light. While drawing a basic shape is easy, it’s interesting how shading comes into play. Shading is a mixture of light and dark to create smooth transitions of color and form.

Painting on Canvas

Painting can be a rewarding and enjoyable pastime for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a professional painter or have painted as a hobby, there will come a time when the paint dries and your painting is finished. If only the painting were as easy to accomplish as a finished artwork. No matter how perfect you close those eyes, the finished artwork will almost always have flaws in it. Using just a regular paintbrush, the paint will have brush marks, streaks, and drips. These flaws give the person viewing the painting the impression that it was not meant to be perfect but just might have turned out well anyway.

Digital Art with iPad

Digital art is another new approach to art. Digital art is a way of painting or drawing pictures using electronic gadgets like iPads. It is quite trending at the current time as it is relatively time- and cost-effective compared to traditional creations. If you have one of the newest models of iPads, you would have a plethora of features available at your disposal, from a Pen tool and a Marker too to a Pencil Tool and a vivid color palette. Keep in mind that an older model, specifically an 8th-generation one, might also work, given that it is in good shape. The most common problems that you may come across are a frozen screen, struck pixels on the iPad, and the device refusing to turn on. To get solutions for any of these (or other problems), you may want to opt for the help of a professional who has the expertise to Fix iPad. They could diagnose the issues, if any, and ensure that it is in a workable condition.


The sculpture is one of those things few people understand or know much about. Most of us are familiar with statues, which human artists create. Still, modern sculptors are creating works of art out of materials other than stone, metal, and other materials typically used for statues. Sculptures can be created from glass, wood, and candy.


Woodworking is a great way to get outside and breathe some fresh air, but it can also have its dangers. One of the largest sweeping dangers of woodwork is injury. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that over 60,000 injuries occur in the workplace each year. Employers have to set their job safety requirements high, and it is up to their employees to follow those standards.

Glass Working

Glassworking is a type of glass-blowing that uses torches and a blowpipe to shape 3-D objects out of molten glass. It is an ancient technique, and today’s glassworkers use modern-day manufacturing techniques to create glass objects from raw materials that are made solely for this purpose. Some techniques used to create glass objects include lampworking, which heats the glass red-hot and forces it against a blowpipe to form shapes; float glass, which is heated and cooled repeatedly before it’s formed into shapes; and coldworking, which manipulates hot glass with tools to create shapes.

Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture are probably the most accessible mediums. Whether you’re looking to get into art as a hobby or pursue an academic career, these three art mediums will allow you to get started quickly and cheaply.

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