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  • Hanssie: Photographer, Mama, Diva, Single Gal, Shopaholic, Control Freak, Gym Rat, Cynic, Socialite, Daughter, Friend, Marketer, Asian, Consultant, Party Animal, Pescatarian, Grammar Fiend, The Queen of Everything.

    Labels. No matter how much we want to shy away from them, it’s a way of life. Collectively, they help us define who we are and separately, they each contain a snippet of a facet of our lives and personalities.

    When I first started my photography business, my logo was hanssie trainor: photography. Even back then I knew I could not be contained under one label, hence the colon. (The colon is used before a list or an explanation that is preceded by a clause that can stand by itself) and I knew that photography was just one thing that defined who I was. And now after 3+ years in the business, I’ve evolved and come full circle, back to using the colon to help define who I am – a multi faceted, ever changing person, that wears many hats and has many life experiences.

    This blog has always been about my life but with a focus on my photography, but now, there will be a shift to focus more on my journey in the "IN BETWEEN" from my former life as a wife and mother to life as a single gal and single mom living life passionately under my own terms with photography thrown in as well. I'm just a girl trying to figure things out and deal with baggage and confusion in the dating world. I'm putting it all out there --the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

    I'm kissing a lot of frogs..and blogging about it.

    (P.S. Yes, I am still commissioning for fashion/editorial work and for weddings/ portraits)


    "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel

I’m Becoming Martha Freaking Stewart. Someone Help Me.

Hello all,

Let me reassure you that I am alive and well. I’d like to say I’ve come further in my journey to finding my purpose, but honestly I haven’t been looking. I’ve been busy with the pups, the Kidlet and becoming a weird half-assed Asian version of Martha Stewart.

But before I get to that, I’ll give you a quick bullet point version of life:

  • My mom’s psychic says once I “settle down” I’ll find my purpose. Whoa…let’s not scare everyone here…calm down people, breathe…we don’t need to worrying about settling down here…not just yet anyway.
  • He also says my future is in finances, which for me seems like the deepest pits of hell for someone who can’t balance a checkbook properly, so I’m just going to file that under “grain of salt…”
  • The new blind pup, Arya (yes, Game of Thrones fans, named after the little fighter Stark girl) is growing fast, fearless (almost) and finally, FINALLY getting the hang of potty training…knock on wood.
  • Goliath is the jealous, first child who has become even more needy, if possible.
  • Kidlet is still Kidlet, sassy as all heck

Okay, so onto being Martha. It all started when I found a flea on Arya. A FLEA. I have a phobia for pests, bugs, insects and any creature in that family. I’m just not a believer of chemically bombing the poor things (or us) unless there is a major issue, like spiders, and so I hopped onto the trusty old Internet and found some natural flea solutions. Mind you, Arya has been flea treated by the shelter. We use flower essences on Goliath who is just fine. (What are flower essences? Yeah, I’ll explain when I get into the Martha Stewart part).

Two boxes of baking soda later, 5 loads of laundry, an entire thing of Morton’s salt and a handful of store bought essential oils that were on sale later, the house smelled like a spa, the dogs were clean and I calmed down from my mild heart attack. So, then I thought, well, that was easier and much safer than I thought, what else can I make…

Before I bore you with too many details, let’s just say, I now have an industrial Costco sized bag of baking soda, I baked oat flour banana bread with Coconut Palm sugar last night (they were amazing!) and I am now a part of my very first and hopefully only MLM  with doTerra Essential Oils, and I have a drawer full of Flower essences…drops of stuff I put in everyone’s food/drink, even the dogs, to cure all sorts of ailments from stress to creativity.

WTF happened!?!

I dunno, but this snowball effect has me either putting baking soda or essential oils on everything in the house.

Tonight alone, I made ant traps with borax and raw cane sugar- yeah, they will die an expensive high end sugary death (I hope), since I don’t have white granulated (cheap) sugar, rubbed the dogs’ paws with grapeseed oil diluted lavender for its calming effects, and have a delicious smelling citrus blend in the diffuser I borrowed from my chiropractor (since I’m trying to figure out which is the best to purchase).

Next thing you know, I’m gonna get into trading…hopefully not like Martha did though.

Oh hey, maybe my mom’s psychic is accurate after all…


Love At First Sight

So, while I am still trying to figure out what to do when I grow up, I’m reading, freelancing, and enjoying life. But on my road to finding “THE PURPOSE,” I’ve decided to just start doing stuff. Whatever things I feel like doing (I don’t really have many hobbies, besides shopping and shopping is not in the PURPOSE budget).

So first up. Volunteering.

I’ve always volunteered for stuff. Book festivals, bible studies, 9 different clubs in high school (though that was just to get into the yearbook a few dozen times). But I do love helping people and I love volunteering. So, I am now on the planning committee for Bark for Life OC – it’s a little branch off of the American Cancer Society’s Walk for Life, but with dogs.

In my free time, I’ve also begun scouring apps like PetFinder and the Tinder-esque app, BarkBuddy. There are so many dogs that need homes and I totally have room for another. Then one day, I stumbled on THE ONE.

Not to be mistaken for THEE ONE, but the furry ONE. Just like with my big lug, Goliath, I just knew. I was looking for a larger dog to be Goliath’s playmate, a male, maybe 2-3 years old…and SHE is a 2 month old baby girl, with one eye. She is also blind. It was love at first sight.

And I mean, the obsessive, look at her picture, save it onto my desktop background, change the lock screen on my phone type LOVE.

And then I met her. And she is perfect. And I’ve committed forever.

She’s going to need lots of dedicated training and attention. And guess what? I’ve got lots of time. So, while I’m trying to figure out my life PURPOSE, I’m doing stuff and I feel like I’m fulfilling it.

A little more about her:

She has no name yet. They named her Raye at Love Leo Rescue where they have her, but we think we are going to rename her.

She is 2.5-3 months old and around 15lbs with this big Buddha belly and begs you to blow raspberries on it.

They found her with her eyeball popped out and it had to be removed. She is blind in the other eye. Vet thinks it was blunt force trauma that caused her injury.

She’s a feisty little one who is going to love Goliath!

Barring a home check, she will be in my arms Monday. And it’s a guarantee that there will be thousands of photos of her on my Facebook and Instagram. There already is one;)

(Not here, because, well, yeah…still haven’t figured out this wordpress update thing yet).

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