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The Weddings: Gia & Dallas Part 2 (Los Angeles, CA)

“It is my job to make her happy. And if she wants you to take pictures on our wedding day, it’s my job to make her happy!” He exclaimed while I spoke with him on the phone for the first time. And throughout their relationship, their engagement and their wedding day, his proclamation to ensure her happiness rang true. You could see it in his eyes, the love radiating through, the smallest touch and the biggest grin when he looked at her.

He rented her a Rolls Royce so she could arrive in style and made sure that her every need and want was taken care of, well, because it made her happy. And that was his job.

Congratulations, Gia and Dallas. Hope your tour of Europe was spectacular. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. You guys make me happy:)XOXO, Hanssie

In an earlier post, you saw Gia’s bridal portraits on Rodeo Drive. Now, here is the rest of the day!

The ceremony at the ornate St. Sophia Cathedral was breathtaking!

Gia, you’re awesome and you definitely know how to work the camera!

The Greek and Jordanian’s sure know how to dance it up!

The Weddings: Gia & Dallas Part 1 (Glamorous Bridals on Rodeo Drive)

About a week before her wedding she had a vision. A vision of herself, fully decked out in her bridal gown and strolling down the most glamorous street in America, Rodeo Drive. Never mind that it would be almost impossible to squeeze into her wedding day timeline a little jaunt to Beverly Hills on a busy Saturday afternoon, navigating through traffic, crowds of tourists and the pesky “No Shooting on Rodeo Drive Because It’s Private Property” rule. She was determined and honestly, I was squealing inside like an excited teenage girl. After all, she was the bride and the bride should always get what she wants (and it helps when it totally is what I want as well!)

Well, I can say that beautiful Gia, not only attracted crowds of tourists clamoring for her photo, but we stopped traffic as well. BEST.IDEA.EVER. I love when my brides get creative and think outside of the box on their wedding day. It makes things fun, interesting and of course, some awesome photos of a wedding day adventure.

So many fun photos to post from the quick 20 minute bridal session, that I figured it deserved it’s very own blog post. After all, its RODEO DRIVE, people…

Dallas made sure Gia arrived in style in a cream colored Rolls Royce…

Loved this shot my second shooter, Shauna got while I was getting the shot above

Always go shopping with a shopping buddy…

Gia, you are STUNNING!

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