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A Day At The Circus {for Kenya}

I remember riding on an elephant and little else. I’m sure there were tight rope walkers, acrobats, ring masters, lions, and tigers and bears, oh my, involved. I think the tickets were given to us by a patron of my parents’ restaurant and that’s one of the only times I’ve been to the circus.

When my friend and favorite model, Kaylie, asked me to be the lead photographer at a fundraiser she was styling for her trip to Kenya, I was honored and happy to help. No elephants this time (and I can’t say I wasn’t relieved…) but plenty of costumes, acrobats and fun.

Thanks to Tony Moura and Angela Dietz for amazing makeup, Dianna Lopez for awesome hair and to the LA Circus for the amazing costumes.

In other news, I’m almost at 2,000 comments on this blog! I think I should have a commenting contest. Lemme think of a prize…stay tuned.

The Vintage Rabbit ~ Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Shoot

(I am so very late in blogging this…this shoot was exactly 2 months ago. Yes, I am a terrible person. Don’t judge me).

For someone who loves style, loves having a outfit be “put together,” enjoys being in beautifully decorated homes and loves to look at Pottery Barn magazines, I sure loathe decorating, styling and putting things together. I can see the final product and let you know my opinions about it and I can kind of describe what I want/like/need, but to try to design and incorporate is just tortuous to me. Examples: My house –it’s never going to be nominated for a magazine that’s for sure. My wedding: just pieced it all together non creatively and got married. Our Christmas tree — as much as I want it to look like something from the Christmas Store, it resembles the Charlie Brown tree more than anything else.

So, when I get together with seriously amazing designers and stylists, I stand back in awe as they piece together out of paper and string a menagerie of bright beautiful colors that all manage to work together and create a magical wonderland of creativity.

A long while ago, the San Diego Photog Shootout leader and friend, Yvonne LeBrun invited Mackenzie and I to come along to a styled shoot designed by Joy of The Vintage Rabbit and for Pamela’s Parasols‘, new line of fun kid’s party parasols. I jumped at the opportunity even though it was in the middle of nowhere in San Diego County. But the 2 hour drive was worth it as soon as my city girl tires hit the windy dirt road and I walked straight into an issue of a Pottery Barn Kids magazine!

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