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On My SoapBox: What To Wear??!

It’s pretty much an inevitability that every morning I wake up, throw open my closet doors, peer inside the overstuffed, color coordinated, mass of various articles of clothing, sigh in consternation, close the doors and mumble dramatically, I have NOTHING to wear.

Most days now I go to the gym, come home and shower and throw on new workout clothes. What has become of this once fashionista?

Well, she’s still around and comes out to play once in a while. The older I’ve become, the more I just prefer to stay at home in my sweats instead of get all dolled up and go out. Oh dear, I’ve reached middle age-dom. Lord, help me.

Anyway, let’s not talk about anymore for fears that I might one day venture out in public with my hair in rollers in a pair of beige elastic waist slacks.

So, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, what should I wear for my engagement/portrait session? So, today, as I sit here in my Yoga clothes, I figured I better write it all out before I lose all ability to dress myself in articles of clothing other than Zumba wear or Lululemon.

Rule #1: Pick a theme or color scheme.

This year, our family portraits had a Vogue magazine theme to them. We actually had an amazing stylist, Brianne of Bre {style} and she came up with the concept. In previous years, I would maybe find a dress or outfit and build around it. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been in a cocktail dress at the beach, we’ve done leopard print, reds, greens, zebra, hot pinks, etc).

If you have a family with a lot of children, many people have found it easy to just shop one line from kid’s stores like Gymboree or Baby Gap. Each line is themed and have complementary colors.

Once upon a time (in the 1990′s), you’d go to the beach on any given weekend and see pockets of people in jeans and white/black/red/blue tee-shirts getting their family Christmas photo taken. I sheepishly admit that I did it less than 7 years ago. Now, its less and less popular to see super matchy portraits. (And for that I am grateful!) I will add though, that if you are going to go with one color scheme, like white and denim, make sure the styles and textures differ –for instance, white polo on one, button down white shirt for another, denim or white dress, etc.

Our Vogue themed shoot:

A nice, complementary color scheme, but not too matchy-matchy:

To recap: Complementary color scheme or theme, stay away from being too matchy-matchy. The same goes for engagement photos.

Rule #2: Don’t be afraid to mix it up

Formal wear on the beach? Why not? Khaki’s in the forest? Okay. Be bold. Be brave. Throw in a bold splash of color. Wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. Part your hair on the other side. (GASP!) Don’t go so far out of the norm that you look uncomfortable or feel self conscious, but do something FUN.

I treat our family shoot each year like a magazine spread. I spend weeks coordinating outfits and looking for bits and pieces to incorporate into our pictures.

The TV Show, The OC was awesome in mixing things up a bit for their promotional shoots.

Whoa. Where did that splash of red come from? Who knows, but it looks awesome! And are those pink jelly shoes??!

A shirt with a different texture does the trick:

To recap: Do something fun. Do something different.

Rule #3 Patterns are okay, but too much of a good thing gets messy

Patterns are okay, as long as they are subtle and only one or two people are wearing COMPLEMENTARY patterns. Oh and stay away from the bold black and white horizontal strips people unless you want to look 15lbs heavier or like you wore your favorite prison garb to the shoot.

One pattern, one not:

3 different patterns in this picture, but it works due to their subtlety.

A few patterns here, a few textures there:

Leopard print on the one we want to focus on:

To recap: Patterns are not necessarily bad, but use them wisely.

Rule #4 Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! (They don’t have to all be worn either!)

It’s not a secret that I love accessories, and on a photo shoot, it’s okay. Wear that crazy necklace that you’re afraid is too flashy for work, those funky purple boots you’ve been dying to show off…

And props! For 2010′s family photos, we lugged a bench out in the middle of a forest, destroyed magazines, brought some luggage, pears and a fur stole. Cool furniture, empty picture frames, favorite toys, books –find something significant. Let’s play!

Books and glasses for the University professors:

A little something for everyone:

Awesome hairpiece, yes please! His shirt pattern was a BOLD choice, but it works.

And yes, dragging this couch onto the open field was totally worth it.

To Recap: When it comes to accessories or props, say YES. It’s worth it.

Rule #5 Unless they sponsor you, stay away from the logos

Quick! What soda does the American Idol judges drink? And yes, they do get a pretty penny drinking from cups emblazoned with the Coca-Cola logo. So unless they are financing your child’s college education, wearing a shirt with the FUBU logo plastered on the front is a big no no.

To Recap: No logos please. I’m talking especially about shirts.

Winter Wonderland with ONE light (SoCal Photog Shootout)

What the heck is a “Photog Shootout?” Click HERE for answers…

December marks almost 2 years since the first SoCal Photog Shootout and each event just gets more and more awesome. The theme was LIGHT –cheap light, one light, Rembrandt lighting, etc.

Thanks to all that made this event possible:
1.Verone Pangilinan http://verone.zenfolio.com
2. Garrett Davis http://garrettdavisphotography.com/
3. Matt Saville www.matthewsaville.com
4. Rob Nicholson www.humbledeyesphotography.com
5. Jason Zalameda http://www.jasonzphotography.com/

Stylist: Michelle Cunningham www.milaphotography.com
Hair: Diego Ortega http://DiegoOrtega.net
Makeup: Ashley Gannon http://www.modelmayhem.com/ashleygannon
Hair/Makeup/Stylist: CandaceĀ  Magoski www.violethour.com

And of course the models. I don’t get to take many pictures during the events but I try to get to each group and snap a few shots.

Thanks you to all who made this event possible!

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