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Change is Good. Right? Right?

If I say it enough times, I’ll start believing it too. I actually like change, after all, I change my mind often enough, but the thought of change gives me hives. I have come to realize that change is easier to swallow if you just do it and do it quickly, kind of like a band-aid. So, I just do it.

As an artist, I am constantly evolving. Which kind of makes it difficult to stick with things, like, say, a logo (of which I am on my 4th or 8th one. I’ve lost count). Or the look of my blog. Or sticking with one design for my website (notice how I still don’t have a web site? It’s cause I keep changing my mind how it should look). But my style is pretty static. My photos have always had a “modern fashion feel, classic with a little bit of edge,” as one of my recent clients described, I still love photos with lots of “negative space” (it’s the pessimist in me, I guess), and with every shot, I’m telling a story.

So, after all the change in the business side of things, I’ve decided that I better just ditch my “H” logo and go with what can’t change–my name. Haha. While talking over the design of my website with my new web designer, we decided on focusing my brand to fully reflect what it’s been all along –my love for fashion poured out into photos. Which makes my new watermark a perfect portend of what’s to come with my new (three years in the making) portfolio site.

Think magazine ad…

Here is a sneak peek of a fashion shoot I did the other day with one of my favorite people, Kaylie. (Ok, it’s not really a sneak peek as all of my Facebook friends have already seen it, but whatever). More to come next week.

Happy Weekend!

Style Files ~ Fashion Photography

In preparation for Spring, as the weather warmed up to a balmy 72 degrees yesterday, I went through some old portfolio files and stumbled upon my fashion portfolio. I figuratively blew the dust off the folder and as I cracked it open fond memories of former shoots came rushing back to me.

In an effort to focus more on weddings last year, I let my fashion photography become dormant. And I miss it. So, it’s going on the to do list. I’m itching to get back into some more fashion and editorial work this year. So, bring it on.

If you have a project you want to collaborate on, EMAIL me or fill out the CONTACT page above.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past…

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