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Shannon & Dominic ~ Engagement Session in La Jolla

A hospital. A girl fight. A dive bar. A going away party and Cincinnati. She asked him out. It was their first date.

Shannon and Dominic met at his pre-employment health screening…their eyes met over blood tests and blood pressure monitors (okay, not really) but what started as a friendship at the nurses station, grew into “it.” At a going away party for her boss, she asked him out for a drink. They went to a dive bar. Their first official date.

He waited a few weeks later before reciprocating. A few years later, while walking around Downtown San Diego, he pulled out a ring box as she stared, speechless. He asked her to marry him and she put it on for size, still speechless. “You didn’t answer the question!” he exclaimed. And, well, of course you know the answer to that, or there wouldn’t be a blog post!

Shannon and Dominic will be getting married later this fall at Balboa Park in San Diego. I’m excited to be there to document their special day amidst all the beautiful architecture.

The session started at the Museum of Contemporary Art–before we got kicked out that is…

Brynn & Mike ~ engagement session in Orange County

She was planning on moving–to Australia. Then she found him. They found each other actually. From the first moment they saw each other, they marveled at how much at ease they were together. Maybe it had to do with how much they had in common. They shared similar backgrounds, both were very artistic and tended to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

He told her exactly how he was going to propose. She laughed and thought he was joking. After all, they had only known each other for six weeks. Yet, one evening in Lake Arrowhead, he tried to stealthily slip a ring into her wineglass. The ensuing ‘ker-thunk” gave away his intentions though, but she happily said yes.

Brynn and Mike are fellow photographers (Check out their work HERE). When photographing your peers, it is always a huge honor and a bit scary. I am super excited to be shooting Brynn and Mike’s wedding at Crestmore Manor in August. Their creativity and love for fun are being incorporated into a fancy carnival themed day.

This last one was a mesh of two pictures photoshopped together by my freind Paul. I thought it was fun!

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