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Rules Of Engagement

Christmas Day, 1999.

After the last gift was opened, everyone dispersed from the tiny living room in preparation for Christmas breakfast. I was sitting in a rocking chair, in the middle of my boyfriend’s family’s living room, a little nostalgic, missing my parents who were 400 miles away and probably getting ready for work. I looked over at my stash of gifts and my boyfriend hands me a letter and a box and says, “One last present. Must have missed it under the tree.”

The box contained a single solitaire and in front of me kneeled my boyfriend. Shrieking and squealing was heard all around (by his mom and sister), but I heard nothing as I nodded my head and held out my shaking left hand. The moment I had dreamt about since I was a little girl.

According to recent estimates, it is predicted that 1/3 of all proposals will take place over the holiday season (From Thanksgiving to Valentines Day) All over Twitter and Facebook, I’ve been reading about people getting rings–from my high school best friend to my friend’s daughter to friends of friends…if you are one of those people, congratulations!

Your first step is to call all of your friends and loved ones and tell them the good news. The second step is to change your Facebook status, LOL. The third step is to call me! I’m booking for 2011 (and even getting 2012 inquiries).

Or if you know someone who just got engaged and needs a wedding photographer, I’d so appreciate it if you’d pass my info along!

Call me at 951.264.1710

Email me at Hanssie@hbyhanssie.com

This April, Tim and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I’ll start scanning and posting (embarrassing) pictures when the time gets nearer. Here are two nice ones from our recent family session by Kristin Rogers.

the engagements: deanna & josh

She hired him. That’s how they met. She’ll tell you with a little grin threatening to escape into a full blown smile.

Her parents bought her some personal training sessions as a birthday gift and he was her trainer. And then every birthday and Christmas she asked for more training sessions..her dad jokingly says that Josh was expensive, but worth every penny.

What began as a professional relationship, turned into friendship and then love.

He had planned the proposal for a while. He wanted it to be special and memorable. He knew he would propose during their upcoming trip to New Orleans – a special place to the both of them. He told the sales lady at the ring store of his plans and she gave him a special ring box that had a light attached. Packing for the trip, he nervously tucked the box safely inside his carry on suitcase…and was stopped by security for having a suspicious looking package in his suitcase. As he was being escorted to the secondary security station, he was certain he would have to propose in the San Diego airport. As discreetly as possible, he explained to TSA about the box and that he really didn’t want to be proposing at that airport at that moment. They were careful not to show the box and Josh was sent on his way to explain to Deanna why he was stopped.

They made it to New Orleans and Josh surprised Deanna (after a few evading tactics) and this November, they are getting married at the amazing Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla. And, as Deanna jokingly says, she now gets free personal training for life:)

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