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The Engagements: Nina & Andrew ~ San Diego, CA

It was Christmas morning. She was kind of expecting a ring. A few weeks before he had asked for some boxes to wrap her presents in and her mom suggested throwing in a red ring box to,  you know, be subtle in the hints. Then very last present he handed her, a small, box-like package, just the right weight…this could be it, she thought. She held her breath, her family members all held their collective breaths…she slowly opens the box and…pulls out a mood ring.

Unbeknownst to her, he had ordered the ring early and it was promised to be finished and delivered in time for a Christmas Day proposal, but 2 days before Christmas he was told that the ring was not ready. He scrambled to the mall to find gifts to give her, as THE ring was supposed to be his gift to her.

A week later, he totally caught her by surprise with a real ring, not in a ring box, but taped on a wine glass covered in painted rings. One year later, Nina and Andrew will join their lives in front of family and friends at the NTC Promenade in San Diego and I am honored to be a part of their big day!

P.S. I KNEW we would get along when in Nina’s initial email to me, I responded with a “That’s What She Said” joke (a la “The Office”) and she laughed:)

P.S. They brought their fur baby, Max along for a few shots. This is him looking “fierce.”

The Engagement: Rachel & Cesar (Laguna, CA)

For him, it was love at first sight. As he walked into a new school, for a new semester in a new country, his first glimpse of a sparkly blue eyed girl with a wide smile struck his heart. He looked away sheepishly and sat down. Soon, though, they started seeing each other every day, around campus, at the Christian Club (of which he was president), in classes and she realized that not only was he “super cute,” but someone she definitely needed to get to know better. They spent the rest of that fall semester together, falling in love, but with broken hearts at the end of the semester, they parted ways, he, back home to Mexico.

For two years, they logged long hours on Skype and fell deeper in love, and made plans for their future. In those years, visits were few and precious. Last April, Cesar flew in for what was a surprise “spur of the moment” visit. During dinner at the Pelican Hill, Rachel wistfully thought how perfect (but impossible given their distance and finances) to be engaged and married to her perfect man. After dinner, they took a romantic walk along the Newport coast and happened upon a little alcove strewn with rose petals and candles. On one knee, Cesar proposed while an impatient Rachel waited for him to stop talking so she could say YES!

After overcoming many obstacles – distance, immigration laws, etc, Rachel and Cesar will be getting married this May in Dana Point. I am super excited to be there to document their day.

We spent a couple of hours in Laguna last week for their engagement session. The sun was absolutely yummy.

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