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The Engagements: Gia & Dallas

Hanging out at a Middle Eastern Dinner/Dance Club one evening with her mom and cousin, she spotted a handsome gentleman with a quick smile, style and charm looking at her. They introduced themselves and spent the evening talking, laughing and dancing. They dated for about a year.  She realized that she was too young to be married and they went their separate ways. She focused on her studies, studying political science at UCLA and then graduating from law school, and intermittently they kept in touch.

About a year and a half ago, they met up again and realized that the feelings they had for one another still burned brightly and they began their relationship again. This last March, on a typical Saturday night, they discussed marriage and their feelings for one another. And after ten years, both agreed that the time was just right to be married.

Gia and Dallas will be getting married on 9/10/11 at the beautiful St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles and I am excited to be documenting their story!

I told Dallas that his only job during the engagement session was to kiss Gia. He took his job very seriously.

Gia was a natural in front of the camera. I pointed the camera her direction and she knew exactly what to do–look smokin’ hot…

LOVING her engagement ring.

This is what I absolutely LOVE about my clients. I ask them to go down a dark alley and they don’t blink an eyelash. I ask them to sit on a dirty window sill and they smile and oblige. I ask them to stand in a dirty, graffitti’d high voltage power box and look hot, and they do…

The Engagements: Jessica & Justin

It was her first week of college in a new city, a new state. She didn’t really know anyone at Freshman Orientation and self consciously she looked around the snack table to find someone that might be able to help her open a bottle of water she was struggling with. Too embarrassed to ask, but too thirsty not to ask, she tapped the nearest guy on the shoulder.

He was a sophomore, but wanted to meet some people and have some fun, so he snuck into Freshman Orientation and joined in on the festivities. Standing around the snack table, chatting with some friends, he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

He opened her water bottle (and didn’t make fun of her about it) and they became friends. The rest, as they say, is history. Jessica and Justin will be getting married in August in Burbank and I’m excited to be a part of their big day!

Justin is really into the outdoors, so Jessica and I braved the bugs and dirt for this engagement session:)

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