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Upcoming Free Photography Events in the OC

Come join me and my friends in two awesome free events in the OC area.

Orange County SmugMug User Group

Come join us for our July SmugMug Meeting! Remember Smugs are FREE, so bring a friend and a snack to share! Come at 6:15pm to mingle. Talk starts promptly at 6:30pm! Don’t be late:)

XOXO, Hanssie and Michelle
Jul 26, 2012 6:15PM – 9PM
Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center
1845 Park Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Scott Kublin first got interested in photography in early 2008 after seeing an HDR photo posted on a website.  Scott was very intrigued at the clarity and depth of the photo and was determined to learn as much as he could about why that particular style of photography was so appealing to him.

After reading several books, attending workshops and putting in hundreds of hours of practice, Scott’s recently discovered hobby
quickly became one of his favorite passions in life.  Throughout the next 2 years, Scott was fortunate in having traveled on several
photographic journeys with Trey Ratcliff, who is one of the world’s leading HDR Photographers.  Having the opportunity to work alongside with Trey was something Scott felt was priceless and was one of the leading reasons why his photography skills advanced so quickly.

As Scott continued to master his skills, he decided to launch his own HDR Photography website at www.HDRPhotographyBlog.com, allowing him to share his growing collection of photos with the rest of the world. Shortly thereafter, Scott began publishing online video tutorials to help teach others what he had recently learned himself.
In 2011, Scott was awarded a “Guru Award” from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, which has now become the most prestigious and coveted award in the international digital imaging industry.  His photo, “Big Ben Sunset”, was chosen as the winning photo in the “Photo Retouching” category out of hundreds of other submitted photos.

Join Scott as he shows you step-by-step how he takes a series of bracketed photos and post-processes them into something absolutely
stunning.  Scott will walk you through his workflow process, which includes the use of several software programs such as Lightroom,
Photomatix, and Photoshop.  At the end of Scott’s tutorial, his final resulting image will hopefully inspire and excite you just as much as
he was inspired when he first began his HDR Photography journey.


Price – Process – Profit For The Wedding Photographer Workshop

The Pricing, Process, and Profit workshop will be rolling through our town, and it’s going to be a free night of photography business education, sponsored by ShootDotEdit and other amazing photography companies!

Join us from 6-9pm on AUGUST 1st, 2012 to learn a ton of great information, mingle with local photographers, and be involved in some awesome givewaways! On top of that, everyone that attends will receive an email with awesome discount codes. The more attendees we have, the higher our discounts, so be sure to spread the word to your friends!

You’ll want to RSVP here, in order to secure your seat (but don’t forget, it’s free!)

If you have any questions, let me know! Looking forward to a great night of pricing, process, and profit! For more information, go here: http://priceprocessprofit.com

Speakers: Jared Bauman, Leeann Marie, Zach and Jody Gray

Pricing For Your Market with Gabriel Ryan (May OC Smug)

Come join us for our May SmugMug Meeting! Remember Smugs are FREE, so bring a friend and a snack to share! Come at 6:15pm to mingle. Talk starts promptly at 6:30pm! Don’t be late:)

Hanssie and Michelle

For more info and to register click HERE.

SUMMARY: Gabriel will be discussing both the philosophy and how-to of creating a pricing structure that works for you. This will be a great opportunity to find out how to create your pricing and the reasoning behind it. If you are new to the business or a veteran, we all battle with pricing, it’s hard to know if you are pricing correctly. Gabriel will give you insight and lead you down a clear path on creating your pricing.

BIO: Gabriel Ryan is the owner and lead photographer behind the boutique wedding photography studio by the same name. Although he did not enter this world with a camera in his hand, he and his wife Carlie have been in business for 5 years and have successfully found their niche amongst the incredibly competitive and talented pool of professional photographers in Orange County. Among the truly important things in life, like Faith & Family, Gabriel loves a good cup of coffee and an even better conversation.

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