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for photographers: WPPI part 2

I am seriously excited that I am going to WPPI this year! See previous post for coupon codes and such. As for the 2010 convention, you can score free registration, so start saving early. For more info, click HERE.

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s  finally here. The premiere episode of the first online reality TV show for and about professional photographers, “The Longest Day,” this year’s buzz-building videos series for WPPI 2009.

The premise is simple: get 24 of the hottest professional photographers in the country (and Canada), bring them all to southern California armed only with the knowledge that they would be split into two teams and given an assignment to complete in just 24 hours. Once they arrive, they find out their assignment is to write, shoot, and edit an original short film about photography, AND an original PSA about the respective charity for which they are playing: ThirstRelief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

for photographers: the recessionista’s guide to WPPI

A few weeks ago I was struggling to find something interesting to blog about. My camera was in the shop, I was busy with concerts and the dreaded “day job,” and I had no inspiring nuggets of wisdom to impart. My friend, the fabulous woman behind Mila Photography suggested that I do a post where I gave a photo tip or taught something. I snorted. Okay, I didn’t snort, I am NOT a snorter, it was sort of an internal snort, like “Yeah right, what knowledge do I have that I could pass on to readers that most of you don’t already know?”

In thinking about it, I am an accomplished shopper (It a natural talent…you mustn’t be jealous now) and I do find some great bargains. (Not to brag or anything, but I did just buy half of my Christmas list online last night at one store with 20% off and free shipping…) And since the economy is not getting better anytime soon, I guess I better do my part. So, here’s my little tutorial on getting to WPPI for about $500.

I guess if you have “real” photography questions, feel free to email me:)

If you really don’t care, or are not going to WPPI, then check back in a few days and I’ll have blogged something new:)

By the way, WPPI is the convention and trade show for the Wedding & Portrait Photographers Internationaland hoards of photographers will be rocking the strip in February!

MGM Grand Hotel

Regular Cost: $179 a night

Regular cost with WPPI discount: $139 a night

Hanssie’s price: $69 a night – use the code MGM0023 (valid until the end of the month I think)

WPPI Convention and Membership Price (Since you have to be a member to go to the show)

Membership Price: $99

Convention and Trade Show Price: $250

Hanssie’s price: FREE

This year I applied for the Hy Sheanin Memorial Scholarship and though I didn’t win, they offered me a complementary registration and one year membership.


Airfare: about $300 – $400 right now

Some discount codes:

  • American Airlines: A5729AG
  • Alaska Airlines: ECCMB0412
  • Continental: ZEJ9C97C5Y
  • JetBlue: WPPI09JET2
  • Northwest Airlines: NM24H

Hanssie’s Price: Not sure yet.

Although with gas prices at the lowest it’s been since 2004, a road trip may be in order which would make the price to be about $50 for gas.

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