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The People: David ~ Headshots

I am a firm believer of lots and lots of pictures of themselves (Um, duh. I’m a photographer. I am supposed to say that). But really, I think people should be updating their facebook profile pictures, twitter avatars, Linked In pages, Google + identities, Match.com profiles or whatever other page you represent your online self in, on a regular basis. I mean, seriously, do people want to see the same old picture of you and your dog, Fluffy from last summer’s impromptu trip to Petsmart? I think not. I make it a regular habit of pulling out my lil old iPhone and snapping a couple of pics of myself at a red light (which is why all my self portraits look the same–my face half cut off, sunglasses and a nice view of my headrest), but still people have a nice picture of me when they are stalking my page–oh come on, I know you do it. It’s ok, I stalk yours, too…

So, anyway, I got sick of looking at my friend David’s profile picture one day and suggested that we should do a photo shoot. Turns out that he needed some pictures anyway for some projects he was working on. Perfect, I always like to to spend my afternoon with pretty people. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it). And ladies, I know I’ll get a few texts and messages, so I’ll just let you know right here that yes, he is single.;)

(Coincidentally, we shot at the same spot as my last post on the Bozek Family, but does anyone ever get sick of red brick? I think not).

Bozek Family 2011

She’s the type that wore heels while 9 months pregnant…oh and form fitting cute dresses that showcased her baby bump. (I wore sweats–hey, they were Juicy Couture at least, flip flops and waddled everywhere I went, but that’s another story…) She bakes the most amazing Oreo cupcakes and I attribute the remaining, unbudgingly stubborn last ten pounds that won’t go away to those darn cupcakes!

He’s a firefighter (Enough said, right?) And they have three super cute kiddos. When she told me that for this year’s photo shoot, she had planned on them wearing kilts, I did my (very cool) squeal of excitement. She, of course, already has next year’s theme planned…and yes, the (very cool) squeal made another appearance.

I love clients that theme their shoots…

I kinda sorta am in love with this last one. It just has that “feel” to it…so I processed it a bit differently for fun:)

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