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January’s OC SmugMug With Cean Orrett

Survival and Longevity in the Photography Industry

Speaker: Cean Orrett Of Cean One Photography

Thursday, January 27 · 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location Outdoor Education Center at Irvine Regional Park

2 Irvine Park Road

IMPORTANT: don’t pay the parking fee. use the gate code. there are 2 keypads by the gate look for the small silver one and enter #0124 … follow the road till you see the signs to Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center. It’s hard to find…

We also would love to provide some goodies. If 3-5 of you could volunteer to bring an appetizer or dessert (like chocolate chip cookies…) that would be awesome! (Please email Hanssie@hbyhans…sie.com if you want to volunteer).

Program Description: Cean Orrett has been a successful photographer since the early 90′s. He has specialized in building a huge collection of captivating wedding photography, and has also run an extremely busy studio. Cean One Photography Studios, based in Riverside, and now open in Los Angeles; annually photograph over 200 events, several hundred families, senior sessions, as well as babies and children.

Cean Orrett has mentored several photographers, and helped many achieve a level of success in the field of photography. He has produced creative images for celebrities and many Southern California venues.

Cean will talk about what it takes to remain in the game. Topics will cover longevity, creativity, and keeping up with photography trends. He will discuss keeping yourself fresh to your clients including ways to entice them to return to your studio.

About Cean (from Hanssie’s perspective):
I met Cean 11 years ago, when he came highly recommended by my wedding planner. One look at Cean’s photos and I knew I HAD to hire him to shoot my wedding –no matter the cost. I never regretted it and now years later, I am fortunate enough to count Cean a friend and a mentor in my own business.

In his 18th year in the industry, Cean’s Inland Empire studio shoots 200 weddings a year, countless portraits and this month, he launches his brand new Los Angeles studio. Cean has worked with celebrities, families, couples, babies, actors, bands, product, etc. He has maintained relationships with many venues throughout Southern California and has managed to continue to maintain a successful business in an awful economy and a full market. You can check out his work at: www.ceanone.com

Come and bring a friend!

RSVP on our Meet-Up Page.

On the Auction Block (Thirst Relief)

Clean water. It’s something we take for granted everyday.

I don’t have to walk any further than my sink to fill my water bottle up and drink.

I take long hot showers with no thought other than why my fingers get wrinkly.

My daughter plays in the bathtub and  pours “drinks” from cup to cup, playing happily.

And I gripe. I gripe about stupid random things. Things that don’t always matter just because I am inconvenienced or made uncomfortable in some way. And I never think about the 2.5 million people that die each year from drinking contaminated water –90% UNDER five years old or the near one billion people that don’t have access to clean drinking water. That is so not okay.

To give a child clean water for life it costs $5…FIVE DOLLARS. That is one Starbucks Latte, two Miguels Burritos, one medium Pinkberry. I know the economy sucks. I feel it too. It’s hard to stretch that paycheck for all the bills. But seriously, it’s time to step out of our comfy little world for a second and think about someone who doesn’t have the basic necessities to live.

Last year, I was overwhelmed with support from people who bid on me for the annual Thirst Relief Mentor Auction. My auction alone raised enough to impact almost 120 lives. That is so awesome. You guys and gals are INCREDIBLE.

This year, I am back on the auction block. Starting Monday, January 10th-12th, you can bid on me or any number of photographers for an one-on-one mentor session. My auction comes with a 90 minute mentor session with me (we can talk about whatever you want -photography, shopping, branding, marketing, homeschooling, fashion,etc), lunch, a trip to Pinkberry, a lifetime pass to all future SoCal Photog Shootout events and a one year SmugMug Pro account.

Last year, I was concerned I wasn’t going to get any bids. This year, if my involvement impacts ONE life, it’ll be worth it to me.

Many have said they wished they had the money to bid on the auction. And I understand  not everyone can afford to bid hundreds of dollars right now. I challenge those people to find five dollars in their seat cushions and donate it. (You can donate at any time by clicking HERE). Skip the Starbucks for a few days. I’m going to give up my beloved Pinkberry this month.

If you want to know more about the technology that helps clean the water in a third world country, click HERE.

To for more info on bidding, click HERE.

To spread the word on Facebook, just copy and paste onto your status: “The ThirstRelief Mentor Auction -January 10-12. Help save lives. http://thirstrelief.shootq.com

Or on Twitter: “The @ThirstRelief Mentor Auction goes LIVE Jan 10 and ends Jan 12 on http://thirstrelief.shootq.com PLEASE RT. How many lives can u save?”

Please, take the time today and bid, spread the word and impact lives. You ROCK!

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