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World Premiere of “Parachute Kids”

My very talented brother, Allen E. Ho (obviously, good looks and talent run in the family ;)) is a film maker and his new film, Parachute Kids will be premiering this weekend at the the SXSW (South by Southwest Music and Film Interactive) Festival. Click HERE for more info.

The film will also be making it’s hometown premiere in Los Angeles on April 29th-May 8th at the Asian Pacific Film Festival.

I’m an excited and proud big sister. Oh and my mom also acts in this film as well. But most importantly, my jacket makes a special cameo appearance. Here’s the trailer.

Confessions Of A Part Time Socialite ~ a WPPI recap

It’s only one of the largest photography conventions ever. With 15,000+ people attending, classes, awards, shoots, parties, etc., it’s basically  summer camp and spring break rolled into one and it’s in Las Vegas. If you are a photographer or interested in photography, you should plan on going to 2012′s convention. Click HERE for more info.

So, that’s where I was last week. Embracing my role as part-time socialite, I didn’t even bother with registering for anything but the trade show. The previous 2 years, I secured full registration passes for free and ended up going to only a handful (okay, okay TWO) classes total for both years. Let’s face it, I’m just not the sit still and listen type.

And I have found my calling, the place where I’m hitting most of my skill set –looking stylish, flirting, partying, hanging out and smiling a lot. I kid, I kid! I will have you know that I danced for 4 HOURS in 4 inch heels after an entire day on the trade show floor in heels. If that doesn’t garner the title of “Socialite,” I’m not sure what does.

So, move over Paris Hilton, I’m taking over.

Actually, I did learn a few things that I’m working on applying toward my business, so stay tuned…


I think I took about 6 pictures the entire week. And they were all of me at parties, LOL. (On my 6 year old’s point and shoot camera)

My roomies

I’ve decided that as a Socialite, I should always ride in RAD limos:)

Okay, okay. Next year, I will try to get actual pictures of stuff. But no promises. Socialites are non-committal like that;)

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