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Vanessa At Serra Plaza (Part 2)

Photographers that model make me ill. It’s so not fair that gorgeous people can pull double duty like that. So, I really wanted to hate Vanessa on sight as she sat in the makeup chair at the SoCal Photog Shootout event last weekend (I’m kidding, no hate mail please).

Vanessa is an avid America’s Next Top Model watcher, as well as a photographer and loved to be in front of the camera, which made her totally prepared for the onslaught of photographers aiming their cameras at her for the day.

Thanks again to the fabulous vendors and stylists that made this possible. You can see them listed again in the post below or by clicking HERE. P.S. Serra Plaza launched their website yesterday and it looks awesome! Check it out by clicking HERE.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Easter Weekend. He is Risen!

Devon & Travis at Serra Plaza (Part 1)

Hours before a group of photographers descended on one Orange County’s newest and prettiest wedding and event venues, the hustle and bustle of behind the scenes magic was being created by one of the best vendor teams I have worked with. With each new SoCal Photog Shootout event, I feel like we outdo the one before.

In one room, the smells of hairspray mingled in with whiffs of french fries and girls being made up, dressed up, and done up filled every corner. Couture dresses lined the walls and boys sat around playing on their phones, eating lunch and waiting for orders for the day. In another room, a blend of delightful colors assaulted my senses — pale sea greens and peach, eggs, tarts– prettiness that I could never create. In another corner, a sweets table was being artfully arranged with yummy goodies.

And then 50+ photographers and leaders arrived and the fun began. The buttery brown walls of Serra Plaza gorgeously reflected the light of the bright 85+ degree sun in San Juan Capistrano, delivering it’s beauty worthy of the title of #3 best venue in the OC (in it’s first couple months on the scene!)

For the first time during a shootout, I had a mission. I was to get some photos for the venue and see where all the photo worthy nooks and crannies were located. The first couple I worked with was Devon and Travis.

(One of the changes you are going to see is that I am posting less photos per blog post. My goal is 10 or less, so I have to be really choosy of the very best images of the bunch. Therefore, there’s going to be a few posts dedicated to this event. You have been warned).

Without the help of the following awesome people, this event would not have been possible:


Hope Stanley – Bridal Stylist

Special thanks to: Nate at Friar Tux in Orange for the tuxes!

Sussanna Davidson for French Buckets – Florist, Table Decor

Mary Lallande for Jay’s Catering and Serra Plaza

Pegy Rizzuto for Premiere Events Group -  Sweets Tables


Jennette Pulecio

Lisa O’Conner for Elements of Artistry Makeup

Hair: Diego Ortega Assisted by: Kristin Macchio


1.Robert Tran and Jessica Tincopa
2. Erin and Gavin Wade
3. Matthew Saville
4. Corina Shauntele
5. Nathaniel Kam
6. Tamara Young

Dinner provided by: Jay’s Catering

Cupcakes by Fancy That! Cupcakes by Colette Bozek- fancythatcupcakes@gmail.com

Special thanks to Pixel 2 Canvas and Pexagon for the giveaways!

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