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WPPI 2013 ~ Nonstop Partying…Err, I Mean Working…


WPPI 2013. You were a blur of activity, sequins and stilettos. And as always, Vegas, you never disappoint.

We rolled in Saturday evening and by 11:30pm, we made a new friend, who got our group into Tryst, a club at the Wynn hotel. With a stack of drink tickets in my hand, our little group of 9 danced until we got carried away. Literally. Well, one of us anyway (all names omitted to protect the innocent…or not so innocent).

We got a little sleep in time on Sunday and then a trip to the gym. GASP! This was my first foray into “gym-ing” while in Vegas. I mean, who does that?! After a little workout, we ended up on a search for a magic little herbal supplement that caused a hangover-less morning after a night of crazy Vegas drinking. (They are called Party Smart and yes, they work. You can buy them online or at Sprouts. You’re welcome). A pile of disgustingly delicious Jack in the Box tacos and a box of Party Smarts later, we made our way back to the hotel. By that time, the trade show set up team was there, so we went to see if they needed any help. Six hours later, after the booth was complete, done all in high heeled boots, might I add, we exhaustedly made our way to a team dinner at Wolfgang Puck. And the week began…

After dinner drinks are always found at Rouge, the bar at the MGM hotel where everyone goes to talk to everyone else. Around 2:30am, I fall into bed with a 7am alarm set so I could get my Texas hair and 6 inch stilettos on for day one of the trade show.

Trade Show, Day One: smile, smile, feet hurt, crowds, smile. Taking my shoes off when I got back to the hotel, my head had already started the forward motion of connecting with the hotel’s uncomfortably flat pillow, when my phone rings. It was my boss and he needed me at a party in the Skylofts. Now, if you’ve been to WPPI, everyone KNOWS that the time from 5pm-7pm is NAPTIME. It is a necessity for me so that I can be ready to schmooze and smile and dance the night away in more stilettos. Groaning, I got up, put on a party dress and tried not to zone out next to my boss as we rubbed elbows with some of the best photographers and vendors in the industry. I was able to escape by 8pm, but it was too late. I had zero energy to be “ON” anymore that evening. With my phone blowing up with people asking what was happening that night, I slunk myself to the hotel buffet and then hid with my whiskey at a Blackjack table until midnight.

Trade Show, Day Two: I managed to escape the booth that day so I could make my rounds around the floor, meeting people and showing off my bag. After running into some new friends, I was invited to lunch and having eaten practically nothing the day before (yes, the booth was that busy), I was excited to actually sit down and eat while I schmoozed away. The rest of the day was spent procuring tickets to the numerous parties going on that night (I have been unofficially dubbed the “One That Has Party Tickets” aka Stubhub). Nap, then obligatory work network party, then fun parties. First stop, Bay Photo‘s kickass party at Tabu and then off to Lazers and Blazers…Last thing I remember, I was dancing on a table at the Vanity nightclub and then I was in the shower. Since it was my own shower and I was alone, I figured it was good to call it a night.

Trade Show, Day Three: A blur and a frenzy of smiling and selling out of our 13″ bag. Then team drinks and a lot of laughing at Mandarin Bar, Rouge and another Skyloft visit with some cool peeps.

I think I am finally fully recovered…5 days, a massage and a lot of sleep later.

Elevator Shot!

Well rested and ready to work. There was a NASCAR convention and the PAC-12 at our hotel.

Team Dinner!

The girls in our custom dresses (made by my best friend) ready for Day One!

This is what our booth looked like all three days. Craziness:)

Sunset in the Skylofts


Headed to the Big Apple

Taken by my friend, Vu Bui of the Bui Brothers

I love New York.

The hustle and the bustle. The lights, the people, the sounds, the energy, the food. I visited briefly about 7 years ago and have been itching to get back there and explore. And today, I will be! For the first half, I’ll be strutting around PhotoPlus Expo. Details below. If you are there, come and say hi! The second half of the week, my friends and I will be playing tourists and seeing the sights! I will do my best to do some blogging, but no guarantees (in between the work and the parties maybe?). Or you can follow me on Instagram (@hanssiet) or on Facebook for pictures if you are an impatient person:)

The Details

Oct 25th 10:00am – 5:00pm
Oct 26th 10:00am – 5:00pm
Oct 27th 10:00am – 4:00pm
The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street, New York, NY

Reasons to Come See the UNDFIND booth (Booth 666) at PPE:

1) Tradeshow Pricing – We’ll have tradeshow pricing of 30-40% off every one of our products, from bags to Fishbombs to Designer Covers

2) Exclusive Covers - We’re taking a new set of custom, limited-edition covers that we’ll be selling at the booth.

3) New Product Announcements - We’ll be debuting 3 new bags, an iPad/Camera Bag, a 10 inch One Bag, and a 13 inch One Bag. Each have new features including the ability to fit a full-size DSLR with lenses attached.

4) Free Stuff - Be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page and our Twitter to watch out for secret words of the day and other fun games for free prizes at the expo.

5) Cover Dresses – I’ll be wearing a special NYC cover dress — City Gray — and the infamous Fuchsia Power and Spring Fling dresses as well.

See you all there! Remember .. booth 666 .. should be easy with Halloween just around the corner.:)

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