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Please Pray For Jen

A few weeks ago, a story came across my Facebook feed  that touched my heart so deeply that I felt compelled to share it on the Undfind blog and wanted to help this woman in anyway that I could. Maybe because she is a fellow photographer. Maybe it is because she is a single mom of two beautiful boys. Maybe it is because she is only 36 years old and a year ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.

I’ve been fortunate to not have known anyone close to me who has battled cancer, but watching Jen’s journey and her bravery has made me hope that one day I can meet this woman who has so inspired me just because of the person she is. In the last few months, I’ve followed her on Facebook. I’ve cheered her good days, cried for her on her bad days, and shared in her journey through her Instagram pictures and her updates.

Recently, she was in the Bahamas receiving treatment in a clinical trial, but last week was flown into Miami for emergency surgery. She needs a miracle right now. Please take a moment to pray for her or to send a positive thought her way. Here is an update from her friend, Cheryl McNabb:

“Hello everyone, I just left the hospital a little while I ago and I have to tell you that I left in tears. The situation is critical and it is a very challenging time for Jen and her family right now. She will have surgery in the morning to put a stint into her other kidney. She will then have another surgery on Friday where they hope to find the blockage. They will then be able to determine if/how far “Herm” has infiltrated the rest of her organs. This will be a vitally important surgery and to be honest, the doctor was not as positive as we were hoping. We need an immediate miracle so I am asking all of you to join me in prayer for Jen, her family and her doctors. Please specifically pray for a miracle and for peace. I believe her boys are being flown in either tomorrow or Thursday so please pray for their safety in traveling. Thank you guys so much I know Jen truly appreciates everything everyone has done for her. She is full of love and has an amazing spirit.”

To read her full story, CLICK HERE.

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