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Think Pink ~ October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It’s a word that has affected too many people in our society. I am blessed and extremely thankful that cancer has not hit close to home in my life, but I know that many of you cannot claim that same statement. It is for you that I write this post.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every 69 seconds, a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world! Ladies, please let this serve as a reminder to be diligent in regularly screening. Early detection best way to lower your risk of dying from this horrible disease. I also strongly believe that what you eat is linked to various diseases after reading a book about one of the largest studies done on nutrition, The China Study. It’s one of the catalyst as to why I became a vegetarian a few months ago. (I’m not getting on my soapbox today, but feel free to email me questions).

Do Something.

1. Look for that pink ribbon. This month, many of your favorite stores, brands and companies are donating a portion of proceeds to breast cancer causes. From Pink M&M’s to Estee Lauder’s Pink lipstick to pink wedding favors! Here’s a list of 101 ways to shop pink this month. Click HERE.

2. Get off your butt. There are countless walks, races, fundraisers. So go work off that donut and help a good cause at the same time. Check out Susan G Komen’s Race For The Cure website for info on a race in your area. The closest one to me is in Temecula on October 17th. Here’s the website for more INFO.

3. Give. I know, I know. The economy sucks right now and lots of people are out of work and unable to pay their bills. So give your time. It takes lots of volunteers to put on events, raise awareness, educate, etc. Or cut out that one Starbucks a day habit (or Pinkberry in my case) and give that money to a worthy cause.

Last weekend, some of the ladies in my Zumba class at 4 EveryBODY fitness, joined hundreds of others in a 5k, Our Local Fight. We donned our Zumba tops and hip scarves and walked as Team “Zumbalicious.”:)

Each breast cancer survivor was given a pink balloon to release before the walk began. I’m not gonna lie. I got all emotional.

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Robert - October 4, 2011 - 8:54 pm

Breast Cancer awareness month is back. Will you be having another event? I will look out for that pink ribbon.

aaron - October 3, 2010 - 8:09 pm

I just shot one for American Lung Association in Fontana last weekend, too. Feels good!

Orn Thang - October 1, 2010 - 10:50 pm

Happy PINK month! My girls and I are doing our part tomorrow morning for the Beast Cancer Walk in Long Beach. Maybe next year you can join us.